This blog answers the question, “What Is Wealthy Affiliate Program?” If you have never heard of WA before you are in for a real treat.  We think this program is the best kept secret on the internet for those who want to learn how to blog and make money doing it. Over 1.4 million people have already discovered it and are participating. This is a very unique, feature-filled program so we will do our best to explain, give examples and testimonies showing what it is. So here we go.

The Wealthy Affiliate Program Overview

Seven Categories Reviewed

The following seven categories provide an overview. Wealthy Affiliate ….

  1. Provides training
  2. Offers world famous tools
  3. Gives multifaceted support.
  4. Progressively addresses the needs of an ever growing and expanding internet community.
  5. Caters to both beginners and experts.
  6. Meets all budgets.
  7. Reaps success.

We know of no other platform that provides so much, is so effective and meets the needs of so many people. Since we are experiencing it, we know firsthand that this is truly remarkable. We wish everyone knew about it.  So what is it that makes it so special?

Wealthy Affiliate Training

Six Characteristics Make Training Program Effective

The training is very special, effective and comprehensive. It is known by six characteristics. The six characteristics are …

  1. Comprehensive in content by covering all aspects of learning how to name a website, building a website, learning how to use WordPress and plugins, writing content favored by Google, learning SEO (search engine optimization techniques), monetizing by affiliate products, using ads, learning how to consistently follow a successful process, and sharing tips with others.
  2. Expanding in volume. Thirteen years ago the training program was just beginning. Now it has hundreds of tutorials, videos and classroom course. The co-owners and live video trainer continue to add to the training collection weekly. Members share discoveries which helps them learn and earn as wealthy affiliates.
  3. Flexible in style and skill level. Not everyone learns the same. The train is both written and verbal. Every week a live webinar is presented. To accommodate member schedules and time zone differences, the live training is recorded for later viewing. To explain concepts examples and illustrations are used. Complex topics and beginner’s topics are included. All content is written so beginners can understand it; however complex topics require time to understand. Experts are not left out. In fact they are encouraged to write tutorials for compensation.
  4. Action driven. Reading or hearing training does not become usable until practiced. This training has many activities requiring action which product the end result of success.
  5. Needs oriented. The owners and resident trainer ask for ideas from the community. This keeps the training relevant and helps members grow and succeed.
  6. Compliance orientated. The owners keep abreast of industry changes and standards. Members are informed of how to address the changes and rules.

Wealthy Affiliate Tools

Tools Create A One-Stop Shop

The owners are doing a marvelous job of providing a one-stop shop for affiliate marketing. The tools provided to make this happen include:
✓ Domain names available search tool. This tools makes it possible for members to choose a domain name, see if its available, purchase it (only two free websites are provided for beginner membership), and set it up. Wealthy Affiliate provides a SSL license, accelerated website speed booster, and anti spam protection at no additional cost.
✓ A website building application. Site Rubix is used to build a website within twenty seconds. It builds the site on the WordPress content management system editor.
✓ Website monitoring. Monitoring given the website owner a view of a site’s progress, ranking and speed. Because so much viewing is done on an iPhone or some such device, speed is crucial. A few seconds can mean a twenty percent loss of site visits.
✓ Website hosting. Wealthy Affiliate has provided outstanding hosting. We never experience downtime. We are on the platform several hours a day and have been for over five years. This hosting platform is extremely reliable.
✓ Content writing. A content writing tool shows the progress of a blog, its SEO strength, grammatical and spelling errors, recommended structure and word count.
✓ Keyword research. Jaaxy is a world class keyword research tool which indicates search volume, competition, and SEO keyword strength opportunity. Without the use of this tool it is very hard to know how to choose a blog title which does not have so many authors already.
✓ Competition website rankings for keywords tool. Jaaxy also provides the key metrics of competitive websites already ranking for a specific keyword. If the top ten competitors are all e-commerce sites like Amazon, the chances of ranking are greatly diminished. It is extremely helpful knowing this before selecting a niche and keyword.
✓ Alphabet keyword suggestions. This aspect of Jaaxy helps the brainstorming process.
✓ More tools will be added this year.

Wealthy Affiliate Support

Support Is Known As Comprehensive And Flexible.

The support is comprehensive and flexible with four support types which meet all the needs of members.

  1. Technical support is provided 24 x 7 x 365. Website help is provided by a support team.
  2. Forum support is provided by means of a community platform giving members an opportunity to ask questions, answer questions, request help, make suggestions, express successes and whatever emotions occur during the journey of learning and earning on the web. It is open 24 x 7 x 365.
  3. Live chat. This gives members an opportunity to talk with others from around the world regarding internet marketing. Response is immediate. This is available 24 x 7 x 365.
  4. Private messaging. If privacy is desired it is possible to keep things in confidence with private messaging.

Wealthy Affiliate Program Is Progressive

Expansion Marks This Program

The Wealthy Affiliate Program has expanded tremendously in the past four years. We have been members over five years and are thoroughly impressed with the program today. It has made so many significant changes. It is so much easier to use with volumes of new training, many new tools and old ones that have been upgraded and the support is outstanding. We are certainly glad we stayed because the progressiveness have helped us be much more successful.

Obviously the co-owners are serious about their goal: creating the best affiliate program in the world. Kyle and Carson continue their affiliate marketing business themselves so keep abreast of changes. Their real time usage of the platform helps them to continually find ways to make changes to increase productivity. This program is certainly worthy of praise for its progressiveness.

The Wealthy Affiliate Program Caters To Beginners And Experts

Both Beginners And Experts Benefit

Another reason this program maintains its effectiveness is because it is comprised of beginners and experts. Beginners face so many obstacles and emotions while learning and implementing what they learn. The experienced need an audience with whom to share what they are learning and satisfy their desire to help others become successful like they are.  This dynamic works so well.  Beginners have many dreams, but have a tendency of forgetting that success takes time. The experienced know what the feeling is like and provide encouragement and help. Doubts creep in easily for beginners. But success stories of the experienced help the beginners to keep on following the process because they get confirmation from the experts that the program works.

Many times experienced marketers depend upon multiple third parties from which to purchase, host, publish, and perform keyword research. That is because until the Wealthy Affiliate Program came into being no One Stop Shop existed. Many experienced marketers are finding great value and time savings by changing to the Wealthy Affiliate Program.

The Wealthy Affiliate Program Meets All Budgets

Free Membership And Premium Membership

Beginners are skeptical of becoming a member of something they are not familiar with and they are very cautious in signing up for something that is not free. Thus to help beginners gain confidence in the program, initial sign up is free.  Free Sign-up gives starters an opportunity to experience WA firsthand. Free membership includes 5 training courses with 10 lessons each, 2 free websites, 30 Jaaxy keyword research searches, 7 days of Live Chat and personal 1 on 1 coaching.

The Starter membership is free for life unless you decide you want additional training, tools and support. No credit card is required. No personal information is needed except that which distinguishes you from other members such as real name and user name. No invoice is every issued to Free members.   The Free membership does not have a trial period. You can be a free member as long as you like.

Those who trust the program and have confidence about their success want more training, tools and support. To get more, they sign up as Premium members.  At the time of this writing the cost per month for premium membership is $49. A discount is offered to those who pay annually. The savings is $60. So annual Premium membership is $359 a year. No one forces you to become a Premium member. That is your decision. There is no time limit. There is no contract to sign. For those who are paying monthly, the Premium membership is a month to month membership. For those who pay annually, the Premium membership is on a year to year basis. When payment is not received by the due date, Premium membership is cancelled. You have complete control over the charges.

The Wealthy Affiliate Program Reaps Success

Success Defined Many Ways By Members

Multiple times a day members share their success. Success is defined in different ways by different members. For some success is getting their website ranked, for others it is getting recognition for helping others in the community, and for other it is getting an earnings check. However, success is defined, the Program is working. It is successful.

We think you would enjoy seeing what some members are saying.

Donieal is excited to have her page ranked in Google.Donieal has this to say, “Hello beautiful people!! I am so excited because my hard work is starting to pay off. I got indexed by google. I am so happy. I have been grinding this whole week since I went live to get google to recognize me. So needless to say, I am beyond proud and happy. Thanks WA”.

Carla appreciates WA Support.Carla appreciates WA Support and said this,” Once again, I find myself thanking the wonderful WA Community. And you just can’t say enough about the great folks in Tech Support. They are the best indeed!”

Alan Like To Help Others Learn. He is a Top 50 Helper.Alan is a Big Helper and here is what he said about being rewarded, “I got a new badge. I am one of the top 50 helpers. I jumped up 21 places and moved into the top 50. I always tend to float around in the top 100 because I do help a lot of new members. I’m enjoying my new badge! Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to like my posts and comments. “

Elizabeth Is a Beginner who made her first sale.Elizabeth, a beginner, is excited about her first sale. Here is what she says,”Hello everyone! Just want to let you know that I went into my Amazon portal this morning and surprise I have made my first sale!!! It’s very exciting. YAH!!! Plus I have other sales pending that have not yet shipped yet, so more to come. “

Debbie is a new affiliate, but she is already earning.Debbie says, “I’m still relatively new to the affiliate world. I really started to take this seriously 2 years ago (almost to the date). I did take a course on affiliate marketing and that really helped me more as I learned things much faster that way. n November 2018 I reached $3,774. I know there’s some extra in there due to the holidays. But, in October I made a bit over $3,500. I have to say that the biggest key to success here has been writing more focused articles about products related to my niche and making sure they are SEO optimized.

Eric has a nice check waiting for him. His learning in WA led to Earning.Eric had a nice check. Here is what he said,” Thanks to the training and mentoring at Wealthy Affiliate, this is my commission check for the month of November 2018. I received $7,202.50. Wow! This is great!”

Eddie Learns Then Earns in WAEddy had a great February. Here is what he said,” So February is was a tough month for my site and others. There seemed to be less traffic around the week of Valentine’s Day and it’s just a shorter month. But despite that I was able to earn $9465.05.”

Program PROS

✓ Great training for beginners and experienced.

✓ Great tools for building a website, hosting, and keyword research

✓ Great support for every part of the program.

✓ Free training and two free websites for Beginners membership.

Program CONS

✓ This is not a “Get Rich Quick” program.

✓ The program takes work and consistency with the process.


Our answer to the question, “What Is Wealthy Affiliate Program” is three fold. The key components of the WA Program are training, tools and support. Each of these components plays a significant role in the program’s success. Those who read, watch and practice the training with consistency reap success. The tools support the training and lead to repeatable success.  The support gives members a means to communicate what they are learning, their need for help, the joy of helping others succeed and the reward of earning monetarily.

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