Building Websites For Dummies at Learn Earn Wealthy AffiliateHave you always wanted to build a website but were afraid to do so. Relax! We make this easy if you are a beginner. We have the seven steps you need in “How To Build Website For Dummies“.

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Seven Steps How To Build Website For Dummies

Learning a new skill is made easy when it is broken down into steps and each step is explained, illustrated and practiced.  This is the approach used in How To Build A Website For Dummies taken from a larger training module. Access to the entire module is provided below with FREE sign up.

Preparation For The Website Build

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 How To Build A Website For DummiesTo distinguish one website from another, it must be identified with a unique name. Finding a name requires three activities.

  1. Identify the website goal. What will the site be about? How will others benefit from visiting your site? Do you know enough about the focused topic so help others and create something worthwhile to read? What is your passion and expertise?
  2. Brainstorm names related to your goal, topic or interest. Use the topic in your name.
  3. Check if the website name is available.
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 Step One: Create Your Website

Site Rubix Does The Technical Build At Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate . Find Out More QuicklyHow to build a website. It is easy. It is not scary. Choose a name, and a WordPress design. Our favorite design is Twenty Seventeen. Then take a deep breathe. Watch things happen. Behind the scenes your domain name is attached to the WordPress builder and content management system so you have an editor from which to write content pages. In the blink of an eye, the website build is done so you are ready for the next step.

Step Two: Add Some FREE Plugins

WordPress Plugin Directory Used At Learn Earn Wealthy AffiliateProtect your site from spam and increase its rankings in the search engines using Plugins. Remember, do no worry if this does not makes sense. Follow the training in the attached link above and you will understand.
Here are some plugins that we can recommend. These are the bare minimum.
• Akismet protects your site from spam.
• All-in-One-SEO-pack to provide a description of your site pages which will be used by search engines and to add the Google Analytics Tracking Code.
• Google XML Sitemaps provides a roadmap to visitors and search engines regarding your web pages and how they relate to each other.
• Robots Meta to notify the search engines to crawl your site.
• Sociable to make it easy for visitors to tweet, bookmark and share your site with others.
• WordPress Ping Optimizer to prevent your updates to your web pages getting pinged each time you make a change.
• Contact Form 7 – Use this plugin to provide an easy form for visitors to contact you.
• Backup WordPress – Backups your database and files for your website.

As a general rule, the more plugins added beyond those just mentioned can slow a website down. Google does not look favorably on slow websites. Until you have more experience, stick with the ones listed above.

Step Three: Create a ‘Home Page’

Home Page At Learn Earn Wealthy AffiliateTell visitors what your site is about. This is where your niche is identified or described. This page will welcome visitors and give them a feel of what your site is about. First impressions are very important so take extra care in how you present your niche on the home page. If you are uncertain how to proceed, check out other sites. Get a feel of how they make you feel. This will help you to understand the importance of the first page impression.

Step Four: Add A ‘Blog’ Page.

The blog page will allow visitors to comment about your niche. An involved visitor will come back. If you are confused, relax. Start the training and it will all make sense.

Step Five: Define The WordPress  Settings

WordPress Settings and Category Settings At Learn Earn Wealthy AffiliateClick on “Settings” in the left pane and follow the three steps below:
1. The General setting, allows you to define a site title, tagline (explain what the site is about in a few words) and set your time zone.
2. The Reading setting, will allow you to select the ‘Home Page’ as the first page visitors will see when they come to your site.
3. The Discussion setting allows you to invite visitors to comment on your pages and blogs. Many sites invite visitors to comment only on their blogs and do not allow comments on their content pages. You will need to determine if you want visitors to make any comments.

Step Six: Add Additional Content Pages For Your Niche

Each page should have a minimum of 500 words. The more words the better. Google likes articles that are rich in content. It is important that you do not copy text from anyone else’s website unless you give credit to the writer somewhere in the content of your page. If Google recognizes that you are copying from others, your site will be black listed or they will not send potential visitors to your site from their search engines.

Step Seven: Learn More About Website Building So You Can Become An Authority Site

An authority site is one which has a lot of pillar articles, pages, or blogs. A pillar article exceeds 1,000 words or more. If you should become an authority site, Google will send lots of traffic to your site through the search engines.


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