Learn How To Build A Free Website With WordPress In 2 minutes. Follow 5 Steps. Then Learn Free Blogging Tips.  You Can Build 2 FREE Websites. You Own Them.

Why Can You Build 2 Free Websites?

Here is what the owners of Wealthy Affiliate believe.

  1. Everyone should be able to fulfill their dream of owning a website.
  2. Everyone should know how to build a website because we live in an ever growing technology age.
  3. Tools should be used to automate as much of the building process as possible. That is why building a website takes less than 2 minutes.
  4. Not everyone who builds one website will want to continue building websites; therefore the initial two websites are free.
  5. Website blogging takes some learning and practice.. It is great to practice free.
  6. Website blogging training and tools are helpful in the process so FREE training and the FREE usage of tools is offered.
  7. Many blogger will want to continue blogging and learn how to make money blogging. There is a charge to build more than 2 FREE websites; but only if you decide to build more than 2. The decision is yours.

Nine Steps: How To Build A Free Website Using WordPress

  1. Sign-Up. To build a free website it is necessary to sign up for access to the building website. Sign up is FREE. No credit card is required. No billing information is required. No invoice is issued. No trail period exists. Be a FREE member for life. This is completely free. Several years ago we signed up for FREE to try it out. We have built our 2 free websites and Many More. We are still building!

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  2. After Sign up you will be provided a link to create your profile so others who are doing the same thing can help you when you need it.  You control what you want to enter into your profile.  We did this several years ago. We were skeptical at first because we did not know anyone. Now that we have been here for many years, we know that our privacy is protected and we share only what we want. The purpose of the group is not to scam or spam. In fact if you scam or spam others in the group, your membership will be cancelled and you will NEVER be able to activated it again. So please have honorable intentions.
  3. Following sign up you will be provided with FREE training on how to get started. The best website builders are those who following the training lessons in order presented. The lessons take around 30 minutes. The actual building of a free website starts in lesson 4. It is wise not to skip ahead because each lesson builds on itself. Lesson 4 starts the actual website building process. Website Building Lesson 4 Sneak Preview
  4. Link To Site Builder. Site Builder will create your Free website.Website Building Lesson 4 will ask you to go to the Site Builder. It will automate the creation of your website linking to the WordPress blogger and editor. It takes less than 20 seconds for the behind the scenes activities. The Site Builder will ask three more questions before building your website: step 5, step 6, and step 7.
  5. Step 5 Select Build A Free Website.Site Builder can create three types of websites: 1) A Free website 2) A website on a domain you choose to purchase now or 3) A domain you have already purchased from another domain issuer. Since you are building a FREE website, be sure you click the “On A FREE Domain” option. Domain refers  the name you will be giving it in step 6. Each website must have a unique name so search engines and visitors can identify yours. Duplicate domain names are not allowed.
  6. Step 6 Choose A Name For Your Free Website.Choose a name for the FREE website. If you follow the training, it will give you some ideas for a website name. The name can be anything that is still available; however it is best to choose something that uses the word(s) of an interest you have. The name of the website you are looking at right now is LearnEarnWealthyAffiliate.FindOutMoreQuickly.com It is not a free site. We bought it because we have no more FREE websites we can create. We like creating websites so buy many of our own. The title given to the website can be the same name as the domain name. The title is just for your use when using WordPress. The title is not displayed to the public.
  7. Step 7 Choose A Design For The Free Website.A design for a website in WordPress is known as a Theme. There are hundreds of themes to choose from; however not all are good choices. The five criterion for choosing a good theme are: 1) Is it created by a well known designer? 2) Is the theme used by hundreds of bloggers? 3) Is it updated frequently to take advantage of modifications to WordPress itself? 4) Is it responsive? That is to say does it display well on a tablet, desktop and mobile phone? 5) Does its design meet your expectations as it is? It is not wise to spend hours trying to make the theme you chose do what you want. There are too many available themes that will do what you want without modifications. We like the WordPress Theme Twenty Seventeen because it is very modern, responsive, meets our needs with a sticky navigation menu always visible upon scroll and has two footer areas. Why not start with Twenty Seventeen? It is a good choice. to select this theme, type twenty seventeen in the search bar.
  8. Step 8 Sit And Wait 20 Seconds While Site Builds the Site.Sit tight and watch Site Builder actually build your site by linking it to the WordPress editor and data base, and add a few necessary plugins. Plugins have additional code that works with WordPress to allow you to do additional things such as create good SEO, a sitemap, a robots text file, link your site to Google Analytics so you can see how many visitors come to your site and what pages they view, backup your site, and many more things. Plugins are great; however it is good to limit the number used because they do slow the speed at which your website runs.
  9. Step 9 The Website Is Built And Ready For Adding Plugins And Begin bloggingSite Builder has completed its building. You are free to add more plugins and begin blogging. Now the fun really begins. You can say what you want to say – something you have discovered and want others to know about.

Pros Cons Using Site Builder For A Building A Free Website With WordPress


  1. Using Site Builder for two website builds is FREE with no strings attached. You control your future involvement. Your websites remain on the web until you delete them.
  2. FREE training is provided to guide you through the above steps and take you beyond the site build.
  3. FREE Website Community help is available.
  4. Other FREE training is available to help you learn how to effectively blog and earn money if you choose.
  5. Site Builder has existed for thirteen years and is well established. There are over 1.4 million members as of 2018.
  6. More tools and training are available to build other websites if you wish to go to the next level of blogging on the internet.




Building a website with WordPress is so easy with Site Builder. Having taken advantage of owning free websites ourselves, we believe everyone should try it. There is nothing to lose and so much to gain.

We would like to meet you in the Wealthy Affiliate Community Forum. When you sign up please introduce yourself to us.

Here’s To Your Happy Website Owning And Blogging!

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