Pre Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate Tips give you five things to help you progress faster once you sign-up for the free training. Learn how to make faster progress before you sign up. If your schedule is as busy as ours there is never enough time in a day. We have so many things that must be done and so many thoughts of what we want to accomplish.

The Five Pre Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate Sign-up Tips

We have learned a lot. We hope the following five tips will help you.

1) Disciple Is A Necessity

If we want to complete the absolute necessary tasks and still have time to achieve our goals, we have learned that we must be disciplined. There are many things around us that are time eaters. Those things look so good and enticing, but if we keep our goals in mind and remain disciplined we will achieve so much more.

2) Focus Reaps Big Gains

There are distractions all around us, especially with texting and tweeting. Texting is necessary to keep in touch with those we love, but setting limits has been important. We have shared our online business with our family and friends. They think it is cool. This gives us a perfect opening to tell them we need some uninterrupted time to focus. They get the message.

3) Confidence Breeds Success

Learning the how to of something new is somewhat threatening. Failure has a tendency of looming so big it overshadows opportunities for success. In fact fear can keep one from learning something new because the comfortable is the easier path to take. We learned that failure is not the end of the story. It is just the beginning because it allows us to understand in a much deeper way what we are doing and learn far beyond what we ever dreamed.

4) Less Clutter Fosters Focused Thinking

We have learned our brains get cluttered many times with unnecessary things and we find ourselves in the midst of so much activity . Once we decluttered our minds began to think much clearer and faster.

5) Repetition And Creativity Are Both Needed

We both complement each other. My husband likes repetition and does well doing the same thing over and over. He is very good at excelling and mastering it. I am the creative one. I like to think outside the box and create something new. Being creative causes me challenges because there are times when I just need to stick to the repetitive. Trying something new or reinventing the wheel is not always productive. On the other hand, repetition can get boring. So there is a balance.

How We Applied The Five Pre Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate Sign-Up Tips

Since we are already a Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate, we can demonstrate to you how the above five tips are great to know and apply before signing up to begin the free Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate training.

1) Disciple Gives Us Success.

We have established our priorities. Designing our own affiliate marketing websites is our work priority. We create our schedule so we have plenty of time to accomplish something. Spending thirty minutes here and thirty minutes there is not as productive as spending a solid hour of work unless we get stuck on something; then rather than spin our wheels we do something else. It is surprising how the brain works, but generally the solution surfaces rather quickly when we take a breather after getting stuck. Finding time to go through the activities of the training is challenging but like everyone says, “If you really want to do it, you will find the time.”

2) Focus Decreases Our Frustration.

We don’t keep our cell phone on our desk when we work. We have informed our family and friends that we may not get to their text immediately and what they should do if there is an emergency. Before cell phones and texting we survived just fine. We are learning in this technology revolution that we can control its influence and keep our focus.

3) Confidence Grows And Grows As We Repeat A Proven Process And See Success

We have repeated the same proven affiliate marketing process many times during the past several years. Once we had successes, action became much easier. Everyone told us the process worked, but until it worked for us we weren’t very confident. Now we know it works. We can speak confidently.

4) Less Clutter Does Make A Difference

Until a few years ago the only place we could do our learning and website building was in the bedroom and in the living room where so many other activities occurred. That’s all we had so we learned how to work in orchestrated seclusion amidst our circumstances. Thanks to our business endeavor we have been able to expand by building a separate office for each of us. This has been such a blessing!

5) Repetition Breeds Continued Success

Creativity adds interest to our product reviews. Both mindsets have proven to be necessary however; initially repetition is the better characteristic. It is so important to follow the training; to do what it says and to keep doing it realizing that repetition brings success.

What Do You Think?

Have you already learned how to do the five tips? If so, you are really ahead of the game. But very few are like you so please be patient with them. How did you learn how to do the above?

Let us know if the above tips are helpful.

Are You Ready To Proceed?

If you are ready to sign-up, by all means do so and keep us posted on how things are going.

Don’t hesitate to say you aren’t ready. Give yourself time to prepare. If you are a thinker, you may overthink this and never do it, so be prepared to take action even if you don’t think you are ready. In the meantime, please book mark us so you can find us when the right time comes.

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