How Much Does The Wealthy Affiliate Cost

Great News! The cost of Wealthy Affiliate membership is based on membership type: Starter or Premium. Initially you are a FREE Starter Member and remain FREE unless you decide to go Premium.

Starter Membership is FREE. Your initial Sign-Up is for FREE Membership. You will be a FREE member as long as you like.

Premium membership cost is determined by monthly or yearly payment types. You are in charge to decide what you want and how long you want it.

Keep reading to find out the cost and access differences between Starter and Premium Membership. As you compare the two membership types, be ready to define your objectives and identify how much your budget can handle.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership?

✓ Cost is $0. No Credit Card Required. No Billing.

✓ FREE means absolutely FREE. No Strings Attached.

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Is FREE Membership Worth It?

Yes! The cost is absolutely FREE. Nothing to lose but everything to gain. Get a feel for the Program which is for all skill levels.

What Does FREE Membership Offer?

✓ 50 training lessons with $0 cost. Learn how to build a website, write content, monetize it and watch the earnings come in.

✓ 10 Affiliate Bootcamp Training lessons. Learn The Art Of Affiliate Marketing Phase 1.

✓ 2 FREE websites to design, build, blog and monetize.

✓ 2 WA Walk Through Videos.

✓ 1 and 1 coaching and Live Help the first 7 days.

✓ 30 Searches using the world’s most effective keyword tool.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership?

Cost is $49 for monthly premium membership or $359 for yearly premium membership.

Note the difference in cost. Being a month-to-month member costs $588 for 12 months.  Yearly premium membership (12 months) costs $359 which is a savings of $229. Even greater savings can be realized during the WA Black Friday event. Any existing membership can take advantage of the Black Friday cost of $299 for one year.

Is Premium Membership Worth It?

Yes! The training, support and tools are superior to any existing online program. Greatest success comes by following the training, maximizing the usage of the tools and taking advantage of support from seasoned members and techies.

What Does Premium Membership Offer?

✓ 50 training lessons for Online Entrepreneur Certification.

✓ 70 Affiliate Boot Camp Training lessons. Learn The Art Of Affiliate Marketing 5 Phases.

✓ 25 FREE websites to design, build, blog and monetize.

✓ 25 websites for purchase based on your choice of topic

✓ 50+ How-To Videos

✓ 50+ Tutorials

✓ Weekly Online Live Training With Highly Experienced WA Trainer

✓ Unlimited Live Help 24 x 7 x 365 days (Chat, Question Answer Platform, Technical Support)

✓ Unlimited 1-on-1 Coaching

✓ Unlimited Searches using the world’s most effective keyword research tool.

✓ Opportunity to write blogs in Wealthy Affiliate and get them ranked in Google

✓ Private Messaging

✓ Private Access to Co-Owners via messaging

✓ Website Health Tracking, Hosting, Backup, Scam Protection, Speed Enhancement and Security Encryption for 50 websites

✓ Website Feedback and Comment upon request

How To Choose WA Best Membership?

The Best Membership depends upon your goals and budget. If you are serious about wanting to be a successful online affiliate marketer and can afford $0.82 (82 cents a day but payable once a year) the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Annual Membership is for you.

There is no program online today with so much to offer, with so many successful affiliate marketers and such a reasonable price as Wealthy Affiliate.

The Wealthy Affiliate Platform eliminates the need to have multiple company memberships – one for purchasing a domain, one for website hosting, one for keyword research, one for training and so on. The WA Platform is a one-stop shop. It offers continuity and dependability.

How To Your Start WA Membership

The best way to start WA Membership, if you are serious about being a successful affiliate marketer, is to join the FREE Starter Membership, pay $19 during the first 7 days to get full access to the training, tools and support for 30 days, and dedicate time to experience the WA Program and Platform. At the end of 30 days become a Yearly Premium Member and during the Black Friday Event lowering your Premium Membership cost to $299 per year.

Can You Get Full Access To All WA Training, Support and Tools While Being A FREE Member?

Glad You Asked. Yes! Full Access To All Training, Support and Tools is available for $19 for 30 days. After 30 days Full access stops unless you decide to continue and pay for full access. BUT you must pay $19 for full access during your first seven days of FREE Membership.

Advantage Of Paying $19 For 30 Day Full Program Access

Full access is the best way to experience the true value Wealthy Affiliate offers those who are looking for success.

Since the cost is low and the financial commitment period is limited, you are in charge of your next steps. After the 30 day period you can continue your FREE membership or pay month to month or pay an annual fee for continued full access.


The Wealthy Affiliate Platform is built for all skill levels. It is a very comprehensive program with well-written extensive training, how-to videos, live online training, excellent tools to make website topic section, creation, building, content writing, and hosting reliable and speedy, and everyday all day member, co-owner and technical support.

Regardless of your financial situation you can be a member. FREE membership is available with limited access so you can take advantage of learning how to monetize two free websites, and earn to afford Premium membership.

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Enjoy a fulfilling life doing what you like to do.

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WA Members Like The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Hi,to all out there, I been looking for some extra income to pay bills. I am glad I found this program. I appreciate all of you. You are so friendly and helpful. Thank you. I am ready to learn.
James from US

This program is wonderful! I wanted to share with you what can be achieved with hard work and dedication. Amazon Communions paid for my new Volvo.
Jay from Canada

I just signed up. I’m looking forward to starting my journey and getting to know you all a lot better. I will be starting my affiliate boot camp very soon. So glad to be here.
Claireyd from US

One day I got a Facebook message from a guy named Nelson, saying that I should stop spending money on systems that aren’t working and introduced me to WA. At first I thought that it was another scam, but then I took a closer look and signed up for free. I knew this was the right platform to learn on. So I didn’t hesitate to go Premium and dig deeper to creating an online business. Now I am thoroughly enjoying this and reaching my goals.
CaraVonis From UK

Which Wealthy Affiliate Membership Is Best For you?

Start as a Free Member. Experience the Program. Your next best move will become clear.

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