Wealthy Affiliate Beginners succeed by doing three things consistently. We explain these keys for beginners affiliate success and how you can use them.

How Can Wealthy Affiliate Beginners Succeed?

WA beginners succeed by doing the right things long enough consistently. The three right things to succeed are Complete The Wealthy Affiliate Training, Participate In The Wealthy Affiliate Community, and Watch The Earnings Grow. Let’s look at each of these and find out why they are important.

Complete The Wealthy Affiliate Training

The Wealthy Affiliate Beginners training  is made up of 5 courses with 10 lessons per course. This results driven training teaches beginners how to build their own traffic producing website, how to navigate the high potential of online earnings, how to engage others in the content of their website, and how to achieve maximum success through quality content creation . The training is modeled after the process experienced successful affiliate marketers used.

Just because experts created the training, does not mean it is difficult. The training is very doable because it is written in an easy to understand way with illustrations. The videos make it come alive and the practice activities make it safe to ask questions, try new things and even make mistakes. This is what learning new things is about.

These beginners knew nothing about affiliate marketing, but did the training and here is what they say.

WA Newbie No 4 At Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate . Find Out More Quickly .comKWS says “The training at Wealthy Affiliate really does work! In my previous blog I highlighted the progress I had made as a result of following the training religiously. I have further examples that prove that the training at Wealthy Affiliates provides us with the blueprint to online marketing success. Here is the proof ….”

WA Newbie No 3 At Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate . Find Out More QuicklyMyBIZ4U is ecstatic. She explains: “I am newbie and I am learning so much. I love the community and I am a happy camper in this learning platform forum.”

The training brings results if each step is followed and each activity is performed. Of course it takes time and the tendency is to skip ahead . But real results happen when each  lesson is followed in the order presented.

WA Eager Learner No 2 At Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate . Find Out More QuicklyKuu gives a great testimony on the importance of doing all of the training consistently over time. Here is what she says:  “WA makes this very simple and straight forward for everyone who wants to build a successful online business. They tell us to follow the Training and do the tasks in every section of the lesson. It is very important not to rush the training and complete each task to a very high standard. I have done this weekly and to my delight, I made my first sale today.  Thank you WA!”

Beginners who tell others what they learn and how they implement it are most successful.  The training establishes the foundation upon which all other marketing activities transpire.  Completing the training reaps huge benefits for those who diligently embrace it.

Participate In The Wealthy Affiliate Community

The Wealthy Affiliate Community brings success to beginners because they get their questions answered and learn from experienced members.

The multiple skill levels in the WA Community create a great dynamic.  Beginners need help and encouragement. The experienced need to share what they have learned.

Those with experience who have completed the training understand the discipline it takes and the role dreams play in propelling one to success.  They know the training brings results. They know the questions they had as they worked through the lessons so they can effectively help the beginners.

The WA community understands the principle of giving and receiving help. The more one shares with others the more personal satisfaction is gained and the more personal growth continues.  Personal success brings community success and community success propels each individual to achieve so much more.

The co-founders, Kyle and Carson, have experienced all of the beginner’s emotions and struggles to achieve and have captured their successes so thousands of other beginners can get a head start and achieve quicker than them.

Beginners do have a rainbow of emotions. Doubt? Confusion? Skepticism? Ecstasy? Excitement? They have learned that sharing with the community brings encouragement and support.  Here is what some Wealthy Affiliate Beginners are saying.

WA Newbie No 1 At Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate . FInd Out More QuicklyDianne says: “I have doubts but I know the secret of positive emotions: Negativity breeds negativity and can hold you back from your goals. I am going to be positive.”

WA Newbie No 2 At Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate . Find Out More QuicklySaharelf says “I feel a bit overwhelmed, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. The amount of training and support that is offered here is priceless. I might be overwhelmed now, but I know it will all become clear soon.”

WA Eager Helper No 2 At Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate . Find Out More Quickly .comAutumn is ecstatic. She explains, “Whew! In becoming a Premium Member I feel like I just took a major first step into a future where financial independence will exist. Before you even say, I already know the road will not be smooth, nor the winds gentle but I am ready! Because I know that here at WA I am surrounded by like-minded community.”

The WA Community gives beginners an opportunity to express their feelings, find support and a way to move forward. Beginners are achieving more than they ever dreams was possible. Everything about WA motivates Newbies to keep moving forward. It provides inspiration, support, encouragement and help when needed. There truly is no other online community like it.

Beginners truly do appreciate the WA community. They have such gratitude for WA and how it has help them begin their internet marketing journey. Let’s hear what some beginners are saying.

WA Eager Learner No 1 At Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate . Find Out More QuicklyPBitzer says: “WA is great for beginners and the more experienced! I had no experience when I started about 3 months ago and now my site is almost off and running. I really look forward to working on my site every day in one way or another!”

WA Eager Learner No 2 At Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate . Find Out More QuicklyJY Loves The Challenges as a Newbie.stating, “I have been here for a short time and I have learned quite a bit so far. WA is the only network community I know that keeps their community coming back and achieving. It has been around for more than a decade and is the most stable, non-biased marketer company I have known to date. I love being around the community learning and achieving my goals.”

WA Eager Learner No 3 At Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate . Find Out More QuicklyLouoseBT expresses here thoughts as follows: “I am Still a babe with WA, I am delighted to celebrate 2 months today with this wonderful place! It has been a joy to be here every day, not a day goes by without me learning something new, being entertained by people I have met, welcoming newbies on board and being warmly welcomed into the fold myself. My two months are worth celebrating. I have 8 articles ranked by Google, written 11 blogs, built a network of over one thousand WA followers, asked 6 questions and more is to come.”

WA Eager Helper No 1 At Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate . Find Out More QuicklyNickVol feels the purpose of WA as a beginner when he says, “I just wanted to say on here that it is very refreshing to find something that has it’s first priority as helping and teaching and not just trying to sell a concept of making money fast. I’m really looking forward to getting involved on here and in time being able to support and help others.”

Watch The Earnings Grow

Earning start slowly.  It takes time. Forget the idea of “Get Rich Quick”. There is no such thing. Avoid those websites that seem alluring and make you think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. Get Rich Quick Websites only use this to attract you so they get rich faster at your expense which is usually a couple thousand dollars.

Earning is a byproduct of learning and participating in the community and  consistently doing the process. It comes naturally when consistency is maintained.

It is so exciting to read beginners first success stories. Their excitement is real.

WA Successful Earner No 11 At Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate . Find Out More Quickly .comSuch is the case with Asher. She says, “It would be nice to make my first sale before the end of the year… I have been writing and posting more contents on my website regularly. I stopped looking at my Amazon Associate account statistics and graph. But when I woke up today and turned on my laptop,  I found a surprise waiting for me. I made my first sale.”

WA Successful Earner No 10 At Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate . Find Out More Quickly .comZarina ‘s earning are growing. She states, “As you know, at the end of October 2017 I decided to start a new Amazon site.  In September 2018 I made my first $500 month in commissions. This month (October) I made over $500 in two days. I now realize I just had to be patient.”

There is no better way to say it than following the right process leads to success. The right process for Wealthy Affiliate Beginners is complete the WA training, participate in the WA community and watch the earnings grow.  WA is For Beginners. It takes them to heights they never knew were possible. They achieve success because they faithfully follow  the training by practicing what they learn; they participate in the WA Community; and are patient to wait for the earnings.

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