Are you frustrated and have no ideas for a niche and worry because no one visits your website? Use our five steps for Affiliate Marketing How To Find A Niche and you will find success.

  1. Find An Interest (also known as a niche)
  2. Discover Its Popularity Among Consumers
  3. Identify The Competition
  4. Define The Scope
  5. Understand The SEO (Search Engine Optimization ) and Keyword Quality Score

How To Find An Affiliate Marketing Niche Or Interest

Check out these eight ways to find an idea.  Certainly at least one of them will bring results for you.

  1. Emails are received every day. They trigger ideas. We used the Jaaxy keyword research tool to find out their potential. This method has been very effective during the holiday season. Wonderful! A new niche has just been birthed.
  2. Yahoo and Google present the latest search trends. The search terms have been very enlightening especially during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We marketed two clothing items.
  3. Paper catalogs still get delivered. We find new products which are in their infancy, but have a lot of potential. We found a very interesting one of the car.
  4. Friends talk about their problems and their favorite and their not so favorite products. We learn from them and use their problems to create a website that provides solutions. Our friends are not unique with their problems. We check the problem phrases using Jaaxy and find a golden opportunities.
  5. Life is filled with activities. We keep our eyes open and look for opportunities to share with others about our affiliate marketing business. It never fails. Someone always asks for more information and sometimes even to the point where they wish to become affiliate marketers.

We belong to Wealthy Affiliate, an online community which shares as well as provides a wonderful marketing tools platform with all of the bells and whistles: Training, Tools and Support. Just a few minutes ago we found the following from Elizabeth, a member of the Wealthy Affiliate Community. She in an illustration of what can happen when using ones interest and sharing it with their circle of influence. Here is what Elizabeth shared today.

“ I was at a school meeting with the principal (for good reasons I assure you LOL) and I told her about my new cooking website. Told her that I was trying to get families and kids into the kitchen to learn to cook and bake together. She perked up and said “Oh wow, you should come teach a cooking class!” I told her that would be great, and that I would love to. I honestly did not expect to hear anything back from her since she runs a large school and I am sure is extremely busy.

This morning as I was looking through my emails, I see an email from the specials teacher and sure enough, they want me to come teach the school about cooking! But wait there is more. It is  not just one class for the whole school, I am doing three classes per Friday for three weeks in a row! And each class is one hour and ten minutes.

I am so excited to have this opportunity to get my name and my site out there and maybe this will be something that ends up being bigger than just my kiddos elementary school.“

What a perfect example of letting life’s activities lead to a marketing niche.

  1. Ads on TV are entertaining. Some of them advertise “as seen on TV” and claim to be new products or models of an old product. We were fascinated by the one we saw over the weekend: a toilet that lights up when it senses motion. We do not want to admit it, but we get up sometimes in the middle of the night and stumble around trying to find the toilet (of course we have a night light), but we just learned that there is a new toilet model with an LED light and sensor. We just had to get it. Wow! It is really cool.

But that one TV ad helped us to find a niche. We were not aware of so many LED light uses. The beauty of this is that new applications keep appearing and new products will keep appearing for a long time. So we did some keyword research and found this is a great new niche of us. Its presence is by no means saturated.

  1. Brick and mortar stores stimulate the mind with product ideas. We choose a department that catches our attention and look for ideas. We find very useful products that deserve attention on a website.
  2. Online stores are certainly a most useful tool for finding a new niche. We use Amazon very frequently for shopping and looking for niche ideas. Amazon has so many useful tools to find a great idea for a product website.
✓ The Product Presentation includes descriptions including features and useful information from the manufacturer, review ratings indicate what consumers think of the products usefulness, fit and quality, questions and answers reveal product pros and cons, comparison with other comparable items, and the price.
✓ The Best Seller Top 100 lists reveal highly sought after products. High volume purchasing is an indication of usefulness, quality and price.
✓ The New Product section lists both new market products and those recently added to Amazon. New items just introduced to the market can provide big opportunities with a lower volume of competition.

How To Discover Niche Consumer Popularity

Try these four ways to discover niche popularity.

  1. Type the idea in Google Search. Are there several search ideas suggested as you type? This defines scope of interest.
  2. Review the search results listings. Are there a lot of topics covered by websites related to the idea?
  3. Check Google Trends. Is the search volume great enough to appear? Is the search seasonal? Compare the idea with other niche ideas to get a perspective on the trending interest volume.
  4. Use a Keyword Research Tool such as Jaaxy to discover average search volume per month.

How To Identify The Competition

All niches sound good and may have high trending traffic; however the amount of competition can signal a red flag.  Too many websites already addressing a specific idea can mean it will be very hard to rank in the search engines because too many websites will appear before yours and visitors rarely go to the second page of search results much less going to the There are many non-competitive niches still available; however the goal is to find them.

Jaazy is one of the most helpful tools for identifying the competition. Here is an illustration of how it helps.

Jazzy Keyword Search For Affiliate Marketing How To Find A Niche At Learn Earn Wealthy AffiliateLet’s use the title of this page as an example. Let’s say our potential niche is “affiliate marketing”. The search results show a high search volume (26429) which is great; however the competition is 218 and the KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator is Normal, which is not good. So this is not a good title for this page.

So let’s try another phrase such as “Affiliate Marketing How To Find A Niche”. The search count (145) is much less but so is the competition (21). We have a chance with this niche idea for a title.

How To Define A Niche Scope

Even though we find a niche idea, the scope may be too big to successfully address it. So explore our possibilities. Affiliate marketing could work; however we want to describe it more. We begin thinking. Affiliate marketers must learn how to do it and they want to earn money. So how about calling the name of our niche “Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate”?

Jazzy Keyword Search For Affiliate Marketing at Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate . Find Out More Quickly .comJaaxy reveals Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate is a great niche name.  The search volume is 160; the competition is 12 and the Keyword Quality Indicator is 92. Perfect! We can cover many related topics. This is a great website name for our affiliate marketing niche.


How To Understand The SEO Score

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The SEO score for “Affiliate Marketing How To Find A Niche” is 92. So this means that if we write good quality content for this phrase we can get a good SEO score.

How To Write Good Content

The following seven principles will bring good results.

  1. Write content that is easy to read and provides help or instructions on how to do it.
  2. Organize the content. Keep on the topic. Each paragraphs content should be about one subject.
  3. Include images which help to explain the content.
  4. Use your key niche words in the content. But do not overdue it.
  5. Make sure the content is unique and not copied from someone else.
  6. Use your keyword phrase (the page title) in the meta description.
  7. Include alternate tags for images. The search engine cannot read or see an image, but it can read the words in an alt tag.

So there you have it.


Finding a niche is not as hard as it sounds. There are so many suggestions all around. Be alert at all times. Take a notebook everywhere you go because you never know when a golden nugget will appear.

Use a good keyword research tool so you can identify the search opportunities and the competitors who will be vying for the traffic along with you. Make your content rich and helpful. This is a great key in ranking ahead of your competitors.

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