Have you heard people talk about earning money from websites? Did they say how they were doing it? We show you four ways on How to Earn Money With Websites.

Four Ways To Earn Money With Websites

The following four ways to earn money with websites all offer success. The best way depends upon you, your interests, your goals, your schedule and your desire for involvement with.the products promoted.

The four ways are Affiliate Marketing, Creating Your Own Product and Selling, Drop Shipping, and Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA). Discover the pros and cons of each; then decide which is best for you. Regardless of your choice, owning your own website is crucial to earning money on the internet.

Affiliate Marketing With Website

Affiliate-marketing is learning how to earn money with websites you own to talk about another companies product and creating an interest in the product so visitors to your website click on the product buy link which takes the visitor to the e-commerce store responsible for the billing, handling, shipping and any customer service related to the product. The e-commerce store pays the affiliate marketer a small commission which averages somewhere around 10% of the product price.

Affiliate Marketing Pros Cons

Affiliate Marketing Pros

The freedom affiliate marketers have is phenomenal. They never touch the product, collect money or deal with the customer. This is called passive income earning. All the customer hassles and liabilities belong to the company providing an affiliate program. There are no deadlines to meet, no long hours, no worries about inventory issues, no need to remain at a fixed location, no need to deal with dissatisfied customers. Affiliate marketers can work on their marketing website when they choose, where they choose since the internet is worldwide, and how long they wish.

The investment to be an affiliate marketer is minimal. Companies with affiliate programs do not charge an affiliate marketer to join. Companies pay affiliates because they are happy to have others market their products without having to hire staff salesmen. The yearly fee for owning a domain name and getting it hosted is very minimal depending upon the service provider; but usually it is less than $25 per site.  The content management program used to create and store the website is free. Usually WordPress is used. The cost of email marketing support is minimal depending upon the volume and strategy. Since most people have personal internet service, using it from another device is not an additional fee.

Affiliate Marketing Cons

Commission earnings for affiliate marketers is around 10% of the product price. Earning are dependent upon the marketer’s ability to learn more about products than is already easily available so visitors prefer his site and to communicate it a way that it easy to understand and encourages the visitor to take action. From a budgetary standpoint, the marketer must either sell high volumes to make significant profit or market high priced ticket items or a combination thereof.

Create Products Sell Online

Creating product and selling online is a business model where you can come up with a product design, make the product, market it and sell it. You assume sole responsibility for all activities involved as well as all expenses, but also solely claim all net profits.

Making and Selling Your Own Products Pros Cons

Making and Selling Your Own Products Pros

Making and selling your own product is a great idea if the product is unique and in high demand. Each sale is the result of your creativity and high level of involvement. The profit is all yours minus the expenses. Knowledge and interest in the product is high because it is your creation.

Making and Selling Your Own Products Cons

Creating and selling your own product creates a lot of risk. The owner is responsible for inventory warehousing and availability, product quality, invoice creation and collection, packaging and shipping, returns, customer complaints, law suits and marketing. All of these activities result in long hours and short vacations if any.

Expenses can mount up fast if any of the above activities is performed by a third party. Startup costs are usually significant with no guarantee of net profit. Closing a business endeavor is also usually complicated and expensive.  Actual profit is hard to project.

Getting customers, much less repeat customers and selling the product is more crucial because of personal investment. Both of these activities are very challenging for a startup product. Selling online requires that you learn how to earn money with websites you own which may not be an existing skill you have, but if a third-party is contracted to sell the product, profit will diminish.

Drop Shipping

Drop Shipping is a hybrid of affiliate marketing and creating and selling your own products. An online business entrepreneur who does not want to store inventory, pack and ship products, but likes to handle the billing, customer complaints and make more profit would like this kind of earning potential. Net profit is calculated from your selling price minus the cost from the third party for the product, its storage, packaging and shipping. The profits are approximately 30% more than affiliate marketing commissions. The fastest way to see get many customers and sales is to learn how to earn money with websites you own.

Drop Ship Pros Cons

Drop Ship Pros

Drop shipping is ideal for those who like to handle the financial side of e-commerce as well as interact with customers. If higher earnings are also a goal, this opportunity offers it. Greater profit is experienced because you get the markup which can be significantly higher than the wholesale cost of a product.

Drop Ship Cons

Drop ship causes product and financial liability as well as customer service obligation. Whenever order are placed it is your responsibility to create the drop shop order whenever it is received.  Even though profits may be 5 to 15% more than what is received from affiliate marketing, drop shipping is very time consuming and demanding. Even though you are not responsible to handle the product, there is usually a fee from the third party that does handle the product. Your reputation as a trustworthy e-commerce store may go south fast when the third party that handles the product does not fulfill the order in a timely manner.

Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)

Fulfillment By Amazon is probably the idea solution for those who create their own product. You are responsible to keep your product stocked in Amazon warehouses, but Amazon will store, pick, pack, ship and handle customer service issues related to the product for around 15% of the product price. To gain even more customers than those who visit Amazon it is beneficial to learn how to earn money with websites you create and own.

Fulfillment By Amazon Pros Cons

FBA Pros

Only having to keep the product stocked in Amazon’s warehouse eliminates much of the time consuming and customer related frustrating activities. This is an excellent way to increase the potential shopping market. Amazon is the most trusted and shopped e-commerce online store in the world.

FBA Cons

Amazon charges a fee of around 15% of the products selling price to handle the cost of getting the product to the customer and collecting the order’s charge from the customer.

Create Your Own Website To Earn Money

Regardless of the option chosen above, it is vital that you create your own website to earn money.  Owning your own website will help you promote your product and become identified as an authority. This builds trust plus it give you a way to build a social network following.

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Affiliate marketing, creating your own products and selling them online, drop shipping and Fulfillment by Amazon are all excellent ways to earn money with websites. Your best option depends upon your individual preference, your goals, personal and family schedule, ability to handle finances, and desire to deal with customers.

The internet market is gigantic and keeps growing. Choose an option, try it, see if you like it. You can always make a change. But one thing is for sure you need to create a website so regardless of your involvement with the product you will become known and begin to earn money with websites.

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