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We’re glad you found us. We like to share the proven process we use for our affiliate marketing business. But before getting into the detail we want to be sure you really want our free proven process.

✓ Are you really serious about wanting to start a free Affiliate Marketing Business?
✓ Because it’s free are you only looking to take bits and pieces of it?
✓ Are you skeptical because we are not charging?
✓ Do you really have faith in yourself that you could own your own business and make money?
✓ Is this just a passing fancy for you?

Leaning How To Build An Affiliate Marketing Business Takes Time And Effort

The process is not a get rich quick scheme. In fact there is no such thing. Those who say there is are only playing on your emotions hoping that you will join their program and pay their hefty startup fee. Time and time again we have seen people follow the “Get Rich Quick” gurus only to get no where except loose some money.

The Training program we use, teaches that if you want to earn money as an affiliate marketer you will need to want to help people, know your product, understand how to communicate and be unique.

Help People Online

Your primary goal for wanting to own an affiliate marketing business should be to help people. Of course we all buy products online, but why? Online shopping saves time, money and decreases buying mistakes. Think of your own internet habits. Do you stay on a website that does not help you?

What a golden opportunity affiliate marketers have! They can provide product information that helps solve problems, meets needs and gives new meaning to commodities. They can make their online business website so content rich that visitors will bookmark it and share it. Think how rewarding it is to help total strangers find what they need.

Think what you can do for others; gain their trust in your content, the earnings will follow.

Know Your Product

Millions of products are sold online. Your business opportunity is limitless. Find something you believe in (your niche), have experienced, and are sure of it’s quality. How many times have you found e-commerce sites that give the exact same description about a product and you get frustrated because you want more? As an affiliate marketing business you can be the one who gives the extra information and tips. Why not stand out as a business owner? Create the desire for people to want to come back to your website over and over again.

Understand How To Communicate

Writing about a product can be challenging. Learning how to communicate through the written word is challenging. Owning an online affiliate marketing business teaches one the need to be organized, honest and freely communicate. Online visitors can quickly exit a site that is too hard to follow and does not communicate. They cannot see you; therefore they can leave without hesitation and not have to say a word.

Your site visitors will quickly formulate an opinion about you and your site. Make it good! If written communication is a challenge for you, find websites you admire. Read their content, evaluate why you are attracted to them and begin adopting some of their traits until they become naturally yours,

Be Unique

We don’t know about you, but there is something very refreshing about a unique business site. Uniqueness has a way of drawing people into the content and creating the desire to return.  Is it hard to be unique? Yes and no. Those business owners who just meditate on uniqueness may never achieve it. Uniqueness seems to be something that is discovered as one takes action. Certainly it is not being a copycat. Those sites that go the extra mile with content and presentation reap results.

Learning The Affiliate Marketing Business Process Is Crucial To Success

Mastering the process saves time, gives consistency, and brings monetary results. If you have tried affiliate marketing with a website, you know from experience how important each of these factor is.

A Proven Marketing Process Saves Time

Following a proven process eliminates the need to reinvent the wheel. There is no need to come up with a new process when a proven process has already been used thousands of times and brings success.

So many marketing gurus keep telling us they have just discovered the latest and greatest. Of course the hype lures us, but the “new” they have come up with is just a “new “ name and another way to present a process. Why chase after it? It is distracting and eats into your precious time.

A Proven Process Results In Consistency

Why take a proven process and act as if it needs refinement? Adding and deleting from a proven process results in missed activities and unproven results. Learn the process we offer and do it consistently in the order presented. Experienced marketers who participated in creating the training for the process have followed it themselves with success; they know it works as it is presented.

A Proven Process Brings Monetary Results

We see it time and time again. Beginners who have no marketing experience earn money by following the free training. Success is no respecter of experience.  Those who diligently stick to the process win. Because of proven results from all levels of experience we confidently offer the training to you.

What Is the Affiliate Marketing Business Process?

The process is simple. It’s the details that make it so intriguing. Because it’s action based and lengthy, at the end of this page we will give you a link to sign up for the free training.

The key pillars of an affiliate marketing business are: 1) Choose An Interest 2) Build A Website 3) Get Rankings And Visitors 4) Earn Revenue

Choose An Interest

The training provides guidance on how to choose a niche. Knowledge, passion and experience all play a key role. Tools are also available to narrow down the choices for best interests.

Build A Website

We are not talking about the technical aspect of building website. A site builder does it for you. Build refers to your choosing a website name, a template theme design and adding content. yes, content for the website is your responsibility, You know your niche and the information you want to present  The training and tools provide guidance for best practices.

Get Ranking And Visitors

Rankings and visitors increase as quality content is ranked by search engines and your website is marketed through social media. The training provides guidance for search engine optimization and social media does and don’ts.

Earn Revenue

The training gives direction for adding affiliate marketing links. It also presents the various revenue earning options. The pros and cons are addressed for each option. Based on testimony of those completing the training, earning results from consistently following each step.

What Is An Affiliate Marketing Business

An affiliate marketing business is one that sells products made by another company that has a structured program for affiliates to join free of change and market those products and earn a commission.

Advantages Of An Affiliate Marketing Business

The advantages of an affiliate marketing business are four-fold: 1) No need for product inventory 2) No need to pick and ship 3) No need to handle billing and collections 4) No need to deal with customer service.

Disadvantages Of An Affiliate Marketing Business

We do affiliate marketing and from our vantage point see only one big disadvantage: the commission earned is less; however, if time and frustration is looked upon as a negative expense, affiliate marketing is the way to go.

The training discusses the various means of monetizing a website. Each participant is free to choose options based on their interest and situation.

What Is Free  For An Affiliate Marketing Business?

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