Looking For Beginners Free Website Builders? Not All Companies Offer The Same Features For Beginners. But We Found An Exceptional One. Check Our Comparisons

As a beginner it is often difficult to know what to look for in free website builders. We know because we were once a beginner. Now with more than five years of experience building and earning money from websites, we are very familiar with key features that make a difference.

Some of the features we present may not make sense because you have no personal experience with them; but trust us, the features we identify will make a difference and you too will understand as you gain experience.

6 Important Website Builders Features

The six most important features to look for in website builders for beginners are:

  1.  Length Of Free Period
  2.  What Can Be Done With A Free Website (blog, earn money or both)
  3.  How Large Can It Be and How Much Traffic Is Allowed
  4.  What Kind of URL Is Issued (this makes a difference if search engine ranking)
  5.  What Degree of Freedom Is Permitted For Making Money
  6.  How Much Support And Training Are Offered

We wish we had known about these important features when we started as beginners; but luckily for us we chose the best option not even knowing how to find it. To help you make the best decision we are discussing these features in detail below. We trust that the following will help you find what you are looking for.

Website Builders Free Trial

If you are truly a beginner, it will take time to learn and perfect what you want to do. Schedules and so many other things affect time availability; therefore it is impossible to set a time limit on how much time you will need to learn and accomplish your goals.

There is a big variance between free-time-periods offered. Trial periods are offered by two popular website builders. SquareSpace offers a 14-day trial period. GoDaddy offers a month trial. Most of the other companies give at least one year. Both WIX and WA free-period is unlimited.

We recommend going with a company that has no time limit. There is no need to be stressed by time limitations. That being said, set goals for yourself so you do keep progressing in a timely fashion.

Website Types Of Purposes

The two most common reasons for building a web-site are for blogging or making money. Even bloggers eventually decide they want to make money from the valuable information they provide; therefore, it is wise to go with a program that permits monetizing.

Website-builders provide three website types of purposes. They are 1) Blogging and No Money Making Opportunity 2) Blogging And Limited Money Making Opportunity 3) Blogging and Unlimited Money Making Opportunity. We recommend the types which gives you complete freedom to develop and make money from your web-space as you wish.

  1. Blogging only without charge is okay if you do not mind sponsored ads appearing amidst your content. Personally we do not like ads because they are a distraction. Companies using ads to re coupe the cost of offering free blogging include: Weebly, Site123, WIX, Word Press (not to be confused with the WordPress Content Management System), Webnode, and Webs, Why have ads posted on your blogs if there are companies that do not use this practice?
  2. Blogging and a limited money making opportunity allows for free blogging and limited posting of products. The number of products that can be posted varies by company. Strinkingly allows for one product per a one page site and unlimited free sites; however they have a trial period lasts only 14 days and the products selected for free-suites must be those available on their SImpleStore.  Jimdo and IM Creator allow for the creation of an online store but limit the number of products. Mozello allows ten products. SimpleSite allows five products. To re coupe the free-web-space costs, these companies all place ads and banners on your web-space. Jimdo places them in the footer so they are not so annoying.
  3. Blogging and Unlimited Money Making Opportunity without charge exists with only one company, Wealthy Affiliate ;(WA). Blogging and profit making are limitless; you can sign up to be an affiliate marketer with any product company of your choice. Your opportunity for earnings is unlimited. You choose from a free theme design and begin blogging immediately. If you wish to market products, create a post or page with the product image and description, include an affiliate marketing link and your sub domain is ready to earn. There is no ending period for your two free websites created with the WA website builder platform.

Free Website Builders Space

Believe it or not there is a vast difference between the amount of space and bandwidth allocated by free-website-builders. The amount of space and bandwidth becomes significant when developing a web-space. Limitations are defined in one of two ways: 1) Number of Items or 2) Number of Bytes.

Each image, each attachment, and the length of the blog or page eats up space. Each visitor eats up bandwidth. The ideal is to receive enough space and bandwidth so there is no need to be forced into a paying subscription or membership before you are ready.

SimpleSite is the only website-builder that defines limits by number of items and that is simply because the web-space they give is for portfolios. The limit is 300 images which is very few because these type of sites communicate to its audience using images.

When it comes to storage-space and bandwidth limits define by bytes, the amount provided varies greatly. IM Creator offers only 50 MB; Webnode offers 100 MB; Weebly, WIX, and Mozello give 500 MB; Jimdo offers 500 MB of storage and 2 GB of bandwidth; Strinkingly offers 5 GB of bandwidth; by remember they have a free-trial-period of only 14 days. WordPress give 3 GB of storage.

WA provides the most storage-space and bandwidth. The amount provided is 30 GB which translates to almost limitless and the bandwidth allowance is 500 K visitors per month. This company is serious about making bloggers and marketers successful without charging fees.

Free Website URL

The URL gives a website unique identification and is used by search engines for crawling and indexing. The simpler it is the easier it is to crawl and index.

Free-web-space URLs are most commonly known as a folder URL They most commonly look this: “YourName/TheWebsiteBuilderName.com/YourWebsiteName”. Unless you are familiar with search engine optimization (SEO), the URL structure will mean nothing to you. However, since we have worked with SEO for several years, we know that content in a folder benefits the web-builder company.com more than it does you. Your pages may rank individually if they are content rich and unique; but there is virtually no chance that the folder as a whole will rank.

On the contrary, if your free-web-space URL is something like this, “YourWebspaceName.WebsiteBuilder.com”, you do have more opportunity to get SEO ranked because your web space is seen as a unique site and is known as a sub domain. If your sub-domain name includes its niche name in it, there is a greater potential of ranking well.

The URL of this web-site where you are reading this page is a sub-domain, Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate. It is a sub-domain of the main domain, Find Out More Quickly .com. Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate is ranking on its own and its niche is different from the main domain Find Out More Quickly .com.

We know of only one company that offers the opportunity to create free sub-domains from its main domain, Wealthy Affiliate .com. We highly recommend a sub-domain URL structure if you’re are looking for a FREE -website. It works and ranks. It is indexed and ranked independent of the main domain name.

Website Monetization Freedom

As has been shown in the Website Types Of Purpose section above, the possibility of earning money from a free web space is very limited with most website-builders. If you are like most people interested in owning a website, you probably want to try your hand at learning how to make your site look professional and then made a profit from it. We understand. We were the same way. Fortunately for us, we were able to decipher the differences between website builders and made a great choice. We chose WA.

Wealthy Affiliate is a great option for those who wish to make money from a free site. WA allows usage of the best free e-commerce plugin, WooCommerce, the placement of affiliate links anywhere in the site and making profits without company ads, adding social media links and YouTube URLs , and using any free theme or template with the Gutenberg editor with the WordPress CMS. The space allowed is 40 GB and the bandwidth is 500 K per month. If you use that much space and getting that much traffic, you are a real guru.

Website Building Training And Support

As a beginner, getting support when needed is crucial. There is a big variance as to what the popular website-builders offer. The three that offer the most support are Sprinkingly, Site123 and Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate offers the most comprehensive training package.

The best option depends upon your goals. If you are looking for action based training to guide you through the process of owning and monetizing a site, Wealthy Affiliate is by far your best option. You learn how to make your site look professional, how to optimize your site for the search engines, how to get traffic to your site and how to monetize it. If you wish to have complete freedom to monetize a free-site without Ads, Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best option.


Getting a free web-space as a beginner is a great idea. Learning and gaining experience is ideal if you can do it free without limitation and receive support and training while doing so. The key is to sign-up with a company that has no trial or ending period, that offers several thousand GB of space, allows several thousand visitors per month, issues a sub-domain URL, and allows monetization with the products or affiliates of your choice.

The website builder company most highly recommended is Wealthy Affiliate. Sign-up is free for life. The web-space URL is a sub-domain. The space allowed is 30 GB. The bandwidth allowed is 500 K per month. Monetization is allowed. No WA Ads or banners are affixed to your sub-domain. Support is available. The free Online Entrepreneur Certification is the best in the industry. It is action based, written especially for beginners, and covers the gamete of owning a website.

We used this website-builder-company to get started. We knew nothing about websites, how to make them look professional, how to blog, how to make them SEO friendly or how to monetize them. Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate. Through their support, training and free websites we are now successful affiliate marketers enjoying every minute of it.

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