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Over five years ago, we were looking for a free website creator with a free domain name. We didn’t know anything about websites and earning money online so we wanted to start free-with-no-fees. We diligently searched for a company that would create a web-site for us, allow us to choose a domain name and teach us the process of earning money from a web-site we owned.

Fortunately for us, we found a company that charged us nothing to own our own website, name it and learn how to blog and market products to make money. Lucky for you, this company still exists and still offers the same opportunity.

What To Know Before Getting A Free Website Creator and Free Domain Name

If you are new to owning your own site, blogging and making money from it, there are several things to consider when signing up with any company. Here is the check list we used.
✔ Does the website builder actually build the site, create the data base and connect it to a WordPress editor?
✔ How long can I own the free website and free domain name?
✔ What kind of freedom do I have in choosing a domain name?
✔ What is the catch because I pay nothing?
✔ What if I have questions and need help?
✔ Do I get any training?

Does The Website Builder Actually Build The Site, Create The Data Base and Connect It To A WordPress Editor?

The purpose of a website-builder is to build the site after a domain-name is selected. It also automatically creates a data base and connects the site and data base to the WordPress Editor. It completes the entire process in 30 seconds or less. How easy that is! Just sit and watch it do its thing!

How Long Can I Own The Free Website And Free Domain Name?

Some companies only offer a trial period like SquareSpace  and GoDaddy. Others offer one-free-year and still others like WIX and WA offer a lifetime free-website. Free-for-life is the best option.

What Kind Of Freedom Do I Have In Choosing A Domain Name?

Choosing a domain name is only limited by the fact that someone else may already be using the name. If no one is using the name, it is yours.

No company offers a free .com domain name unless you sign up to pay a fee. All of the companies offering a free-domain-name only allow a folder structured domain name (yourname.companysiteofferingfreedomainname.com/yourwebsitename) except for WA. WA allows sub domain-names (yourwebsitename.wa.com).  

There is a big difference in the ranking potential between a sub-domain and a folder. A sub domain is viewed as a standalone website; a folder is seen as just part of the company.com domain. Ranking potential is very limited with a folder structure. Sub-domain is the way to go for a free domain name.

What Is The Catch Because I Pay Nothing?

Ads and banners are placed on your site pages and blogs by all of the companies except WA. This is how they re coupe the cost of giving you a free-site.

Some companies do not allow product selling at all. Others place limitation on how many products can be sold. Only WA gives you free-rein to monetize your site in any way you choose. Plus WA does not place any ads on your site.

All companies place a limitation on website size and number of visitors allowed. The most common web space size allowed is 500 MBs. The most common bandwidth allowed is also 500 MBs. This limitation means that as you grow your free-website you will want to increase its size and therefore be forced to become a paid member. WA offers 30 GBs of storage and bandwidth for 500K visitors per month which really means there is no limit because it is virtually impossible to use that much.

What If I Have Questions And Need Help?

Getting 24 x 7 support and help is limited. Some companies provide no help. Sprinkingly offers 24 x 7 help; however the website is a folder and only one product from their store can be marketed per free website. Site123 offers 24 x 7 support and chat; however no monetization is allowed.

WA offers chat, 24×7 support and the question and answer forum, plus live training for 7 days; at the end of 7 days only reading the forum is allowed along with following the 200 most successful members which gives an opportunity to ask them questions. Not a bad deal with WA because the top 200 performers know how to do it.

Do I Get Any Training?

The only web-company offering formal training is WA. They provide access to 50 lessons of action based training with free-sign-up. This training is effective because it teaches the process of learning how to make a website look professional and how to monetize it.

How To Get A Free Website Creator and Free Domain Name

You must sign up to get a free website creator and a free-domain-name. Since it is free to sign up you should not be asked any personal information except your real name. No billing formation should be requested. There should be no need to give your address or phone number. If you are asked to give billing information, cancel your sign-up. Free-should-mean-free.

How To Choose A Good Free Domain Name

Rather than choose any old name, why not make it a good one? Careful name selection will provide more potential for visitor traffic to your site. Why not make the amount of visitor traffic to the site another goal along with helping others by providing useful information? Ask yourself what kind of information would you like to share with the internet world?

Since the number of free sites allowed per person is limited, before you choose your domain name consider the following five questions.

  1. What topic you know a lot about
  2. What topic gives motivates and keeps generating motivation?
  3. If you want to monetize your free domain name, what related products can be sold?
  4. What kind of search volume is there? Jaaxy is a great keyword research tool.
  5. Is the niche evergreen (year round) or seasonal?

Benefits From A Free Website Creator and Free Domain Name

Once you sign-up be ready to take action. Why sign-up if you are not going to do anything? While you are motivated and have decided to take the next step, keep moving forward. You will be surprised at what can be accomplished when the will to do is there.

How To Proceed After Free Website Creator Free Domain Name Sign-up

While your free-web-site is being built, you will be asked to choose a theme. Why not consider Hestia. We like it. It is easy to use, is mobile friendly and search engine optimized.

Learn how to write relevant content. Select your page or post titles carefully. Write many content unique pages. This is now to get search engine traffic.

Monetize your free-site only after getting at least 50 visitors to your site weekly. Low visitor traffic means that the product purchase volume will be low. Companies with affiliate programs require a specified volume of purchases before they will consider approving you as an affiliate.

Browse other sites on the internet. Find those you like. Determine why you like them. Envision your own website and how you will present it. Presentation is an important factor in getting and retaining visitors.

Learn the process well before expanding your site. Trying to accomplish too many things at once may only cause frustration. Learn the balance between pressing forward to new heights and indelibly remembering the process of what is necessary to make a good site.

What Next?

We invite you to sign-up for two free website builds with two domain names of your choice. We assure you no credit card is required and no billing information, phone number or addressed is necessary. Just sign-up! You will not regret your decision.

We signed-up for two free websites over five years ago. We will be forever grateful for the Wealthy Affiliate Program (WA). We learned the process and have been designing and making money from websites ever since. It was one of the best decisions we ever made.

Here Is To Your Online Success!

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