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Dear Reader,

Are you serious about wanting to earn money online at home? If you are really serious we will show you how it is done, but you must keep reading.

This 5 Steps Marketing Process really works. We were once newbies searching the internet for the perfect way to get rich quick. We saw many enticing websites inviting us to join them and learn their secret to success, but we did not have the cash to join; besides that, we were very skeptical that we would pay over one thousand dollars or as much as four thousand as some of our friends did and have no results to show for the expense.

Dangling Carrot Approach

We dislike marketing ploys that hang a very big dangling carrot to catch us at our weakest point and entice us to sign up only to have them pocket all the money we spent and get rich because we fell for their marketing ploy. We dislike this approach. We believe that anyone who wants to honestly earn money online at home, without enticing someone to pay large sums of money, should be able to do so.

Different Approach

This is why we am telling you about a much different approach to learn and earn money online at home.  The process we use is dependent upon our willingness to learn something new and take action on what we learn. Then the earnings follow.  Are you thinking this sounds too good to be true? Well, it is not. We have been doing this for over 5 years now, and the 5 Steps Marketing Process really works. We no longer rely on a full-time job to meet our expenses. This approach is awesome.

So we know you are thinking we are going to ask you to get your credit card out, BUT NO the Training offered is FREE.

Why FREE Training?

Glad you asked. Over 13 years ago two broke college kids were trying to make ends meet. Both decided to put their education to good use and began to make money on the Internet by marketing products made by other companies. Their income grew quickly and Kyle and Carson decided to form an internet marketing business designed to show others the exact steps they used. In fact Kyle and Carson had a very big dream: To become the world’s largest internet affiliate marketing platform.  Their goal has been achieved, but the affiliate marketing platform keeps growing and providing new training, tools and support to those who want to learn how to earn money at home on the internet. Their exact process has been put in the form of action based training.

The training is FREE because they want those who do not have funds to learn and those who are skeptical to be happy and become productive with the 5 Step Marketing process.  Carson and Kyle prefer not to be accused of thinking only of themselves at your expense.

Kyle and Carson believe in giving to others what has been so successful for them.  You pay absolutely nothing to sign up to learn the 5 Steps Marketing process which includes creating 2 free monetized websites. You make the effort to learn something new and then reap the results of your efforts.

Once the training has been completed and IF YOU HAVE DONE ALL OF THE ACTION ITEMS, you will soon discover that may efficiencies and more effectiveness can be achieved by using additional tools, having access to all of the support features and doing more of the training modules. If you want more than the initial 5 Training Modules, a premium membership is available for less than $400 dollars. BUT you decide if you want more.

Do You Have What It Takes To Learn And Earn At Home On the Internet?

The real truth is most people don’t want to spend the time needed to actually do the process. Most people are not committed. Most people expect INSTANT results.

Are you committed to learning and doing the process? If you are committed, you will put aside your negative thoughts like: “I don’t know anything and I cannot learn how to do it.  I am not an internet guru.”

Internet Gurus Make Big Claims

Forget about those gurus who claim they make over a 6 figure income in their first two years. You are told that because these gurus want you are to believe it is possible and want you to buy whatever it is they are selling and claim it will make you rich too. That’s how these gurus get rich because people like you buy their gimmicks. Be cautious so your inner desire to make money quick and easy isn’t exploited.

Please refuse to fall for them. Their offering presented is made to appear to be just what you are looking for, but once you sign the dotted line and your credit card is charged, even though most gurus say there is a refund guarantee, they are nowhere to be found. Once you become a member you do not find what you are expecting. INSTEAD, you find support non-existent; their method does not work like they said; the carrot keeps dangling and more enticing things with a hefty price tag are presented and sometimes demands that unless the thing is purchased you cannot proceed. Stop falling for these money making scams. You don’t need any more of them!

How Can Good Result From Something FREE?

So now that we agree that paying for something without getting to try it and actually see what it is all about is not worth it, we can focus on how something FREE can be good?

Stop and think about it. We know and believe there still are people in the world who are honest and do care about others and their future. We believe there are still successful people who want to maintain their integrity. That is why this 5 Step Training is offered FREE. You can try it. If you do not like it, you have not spent any money. Even if you decide not to go further you have spent some of your precious time going through the training, but learning more about the internet and how to make money is always a piece of knowledge that will benefit you throughout the rest of your life. And it is very likely that you will in the near future realize you should have taken further action earlier. If that were to happen, you can pick up where you left off before. The course will always be available and you will always have free access.

So Why Else Would This Free Program Be Shared With Millions?

The volume of products purchased on the internet is growing exponentially. There is room for more websites to promote products. These websites really benefit consumers. Product manufacturers like internet affiliate marketers to promote their products. It reduces the need for salesmen; a virtual website does the job very well.  The opportunity is still alive and well. Internet buying is here to stay. In fact, it will not reach a peak for many, many years.

So Why Do We Take The Time To Tell You About The 5 Steps Marketing Process?

We want to let people know about the program that someone told us about over 5 years ago.  We were searching on the internet for an honest way to earn money. Through searching, we found a website that appeared to be above board. The website asked for no credit card or billing information so we felt it was safe to sign up and see what it was about. We spent one week learning all we could from this free training. The rest is history. We believed this was something we could do; we signed up for more than the free program; we became Premium members. We know we made the right decision. We thoroughly enjoy our schedule freedom and thrive on providing product reviews which give much more detail than most retail (e-commerce) websites provide.  Through the training we have discovered many ways to make money online. We like being our own boss. Creating goals for ourselves is fun and we love seeing our accomplishments.

We share our experience with you hoping that you will make this a personal goal, and see and experience the fulfillment we do.

Affiliate Training Is Doable

We knew nothing about the internet, creating websites, writing blogs and marketing products. We were newbies at the beginning. We were committed so kept learning and trying. We did not make an income immediately so we took the advice of this training and began to focus on writing good quality content on products we love. We knew about the products we loved and found it worthwhile to share our experiences. As we learned, we expanded our horizons with other niches (interests). It is very rewarding to know we are helping others. And we are making money.

How Is Money Earned?

Many manufacturers and retailers have affiliate programs. Their affiliate programs are free to join and they are offered to anyone who wishes to market their products on the internet. There is no cost to become an internet marketer. Each affiliate marketer is given a code to use with the products they market on their websites.  When a product is purchased the affiliates code appears with the sale. The affiliate program pays the marketer a commission percentage. This even happens with those who sign up to become Premium members of the program we are presenting to you here. This is a neat concept:  Help others; when they take action on your help, get reimbursed for your time and effort.

The neat thing about affiliate earnings is that they are a result of the affiliate’s efforts and there is no one else with who they must share their earnings. These types of affiliate programs are not Ponzi schemes or MLM adventures. In case you are not familiar with a Ponzi scheme, these programs are structured so the top guy gets a piece of the earnings from everyone who has purchased from him and from those who purchase from those who signed up under him. Ponzi schemes are illegal; however yearly many are uncovered. Being an affiliate marketer does not make you a Ponzi member. No one gets the commissions you make. That is why it is so invigorating to be an affiliate marketer. We are rewarded based on our efforts and their results.

So What Are You Thinking?

Is it worth signing up for the Free Training to learn how to earn money online at home? We know our answer. We only wish we would have known about it sooner. But we are so grateful we saw the opportunity when we did. We are so thankful we found this honest program and that it has taught us how to earn money. Words can never express our complete gratitude.

Ready To Get Started?

Remember signup is free. No credit card is needed. No billing information is requested. The training is yours for free. This is not some short training either. It is 50 lessons. It teaches you the exact steps the broke college students used when it was created. It works!

The training is good stuff. It is easy to understand. No prior experience or knowledge is required. Examples and visuals are used to enhance understanding. Action is required so have your iPhone, tablet or PC available. Learn how to create your first two free websites.

Don’t be surprised if you get excited about the process and ask for more. Much more is available when the Premium membership is purchases. Remember what we said about those who market a product? If you become a Premium member we will receive a small commission. How COOL is that. You get something you want and we get rewarded.

The Free Training Is Generic

Remember, what you learn can be applied to whatever interest you have. Maybe you have a product you made which you wish to sell; this training is also extremely beneficial because you will know how to build and promote your product. We chose to be affiliate marketers because we dislike handling the product, shipping it, dealing with any returns and collecting any money.

Sounds Good Right?

Time for a reality check. Let’s be clear again on what this program is and is not.

✔ This is NOT a get rich quick system. If you need money now to pay for rent next week, sign up later.

✔ This is NOT a pyramid selling, network marketing, or referral marketing (MLM) program. You do not need to recruit people.

✔ This is NOT an upsell program.

✔ This is NOT a “pay by the hour” opportunity.

✔ This is NOT a snag or secret loophole program. It is very open and transparent.

✔ This is NOT for people with low ambition. Effort is required to see results.

So What’s Next?

To gain access to this free training program it is necessary to sign up.

You will need to provide your real name and a username. Make your username something you wish to be known by. We want to help you succeed so we need to know who you are.

Make sure you have some free time on your schedule and are ready to learn. Action is important. We are looking forward to meeting you on the internet and helping you become successful.

Once You Sign Up You Will Get Access To The Training

So just to make sure you know what you are getting when you sign up.

You will be getting access to the proven time-tested process that results in successful Internet Affiliate Marketing. This will give you exactly what you need to take FULL advantage of the ever expanding opportunities on the internet.

Since you seem to be very interested in pursuing this wealth of opportunity, we are also making sure the following is included with your 5 Step Process.
✔ Access to ten lessons for each of the 5 Steps including videos, text and tasks to complete.
✔ Access to two fully live and hosted websites ready for your blogging and money making opportunity.
✔ Access to a friendly community of experts who want you to succeed.
✔ Access to 1-on-1 coaching to make sure you get all questions answered and get helpful coaching along the way.

This is really remarkable! Truly you don’t even get this much with some pay before you try programs.

So you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain by taking action.

The next step is yours. What is your decision?

You can either do nothing and continue to look for another opportunity that will not offer the same benefits or you can reach out and step into the world of building a real internet business.

If you’ve read this far, we know you want to sign up and experience success.

So click on the image link below to get started now and we will see you in “The program behind the sign-up”.  We are so excited to meet you.

Sign Up FREE! Free Training! Build Free Website
No Risk! No Credit Card!

In case you are one of these who likes to see the bottom-line and scrolled to the bottom of this page before reading the details above, here is the summary of what is outlined above.

You can sign-up to get all of the following for zero dollars. Really! No Cost! FREE!
✔ The exact 5 Steps Marketing process we use to earn a full time passive income online
✔ Step-by-step training to show you exactly how to get started and how to proceed
✔ Your very own revenue ready websites – Two of them.
✔ Access to us personally and a community of industry experts.
✔ Other powerful resources that will help you create a thriving online business.

Scroll up and click the image link above to get started. We will see you in the Program Community Area.