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We took a FREE look before we took advantage of the Black Friday Special. Over 1.4 million other affiliate marketers have done the same. We all wanted to make money online so we decided to become members so we could learn The Program that would enable us to learn and earn. We all are so happy we made the choice. Our lives have never been the same since.

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Choices are something we make every day. They are usually  influenced by our circumstances and environment. Sometimes, however, we are introduced to unexpected opportunities. This Affiliate Training Program may be an unexpected opportunity for you. Check the information below; then decide if you are ready for change and if this Black Friday Deal is a good choice for you..

What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Deal?

Every year for the past seven years the Wealthy Affiliate Online Program has offered a Black Friday special. This is a BIG deal because it means that a year’s Premium membership with all of the bells and whistles can be purchased with a savings of $49. And every year after that the cost is $299; this is a grandfathered price.

Our Experience With The Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Special

Ten years ago we joined WA (Wealthy Affiliate). We did not know about a Black Friday deal. We paid full price. Even at full price the program was worth it.

We wanted a way to earn money and work from home without making a huge financial investment. My husband lost his job and we needed to find a way to make up for the lost income. Fortunately we found WA. It has changed our lives. Learning how to create a website and earn money from it is so great. We get to work any time of the day and from anywhere as long as we have internet connection and a device for connection.

After a year we found out about the Black Friday Deal. We did not hesitate. Our annual membership was prorated to the Black Friday cost and ever since we now pay $299 per year. What a super deal for a terrific program with excellent training, superior tools and helpful around the clock support.

Why Is The WA Black Friday Deal So Great?

There is NO online affiliate training and hosting platform that provides so much for $299 a year. Image $299 pays for all of the following:

✔ Access to training on all things related to making money online through blogging, a website, social media, YouTube, Affiliate Marketing through Amazon, Etsy, Ebay and other online mega store sites. Training comes in the form of How To Guides, Certification Programs, member blogs. The style of learning includes both written and live video.
✔ 25 Free Sub domain Websites you create using the Domain.
✔ Hosting and 24 x 7 x 365 technical support for 25 FREE sub domain websites on the SiteRubix domain and if you chose 25 additional domain .com websites which can be purchased if and when you choose.  Did you know it only costs $13 per year for .com domains? Whether you decide to purchase additional domains in addition to the 25 FREE ones is up to you.
✔ Feedback and advice on Websites You Own if you ask for it.
✔ Forum Help if you submit a question.
✔ 24 x 7 x 365 Member Chat.
✔ Extra Speed boost to your websites which eliminates the need to add WordPress Plugins to prevent Google penalties for slow mobile speed.
✔ Website 256-bit Encrypted Connection which is favored by search engines and keeps visitor data safe.
✔ Site Protect is provided at the server level to block ALL automated comment spam before it even hits your site. This eliminates the need for WordPress plugins for Spam.

Is The Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Special For You?

This Special is something hard to pass up. The internet is a way of life. Online shopping is so popular. There are over 4 billion potential shoppers now and the number keeps growing. Even buying groceries online is becoming popular. What is next? Besides that we each already have our own ready made online shopping base. We all share with our Facebook friends the latest products we found and how much we like them. We even tell them how they can get them. Wouldn’t it be great if you owned a website you point your friends to and they could buy the product from your website and you could get a commission as an affiliate marketer? We saw the opportunity and embraced it.

Learning how to blog and earn online is a great opportunity. It changed our lives. We are so grateful we rearranged some of our priorities and devoted time to Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate because we now have a wealth of knowledge we have put to use which has improved our financial well-being.

This Special gives you an opportunity to make a life-changing decision. You will not be alone if you know nothing about how to learn and earn money online from affiliate marketing. Every year several people make the decision to learn and earn. The Wealthy Affiliate community has experienced members who are very eager to help Starter Members. They remember their first days of feeling overwhelmed. Regardless of your skill level, a beginner or n experienced affiliate marketer, you will find the training, tools and support outstanding,

What Next? Take Action

Why not sign up today? Learning something new brings so many new opportunities. Dream Big. Fulfill Your Dreams.

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