Are you a beginner afraid to try Wealthy Affiliate?  Relax. Five FREE Online Courses are written for Beginners. Read These Testimonies. Decide For Yourself.

We Learned How Wealthy Affiliate Is For Beginners

We Were Beginners at WA We SucceededWe were once beginners knowing nothing about Wealthy Affiliate and wondered if we could do it. We did it. Here is why. Wealthy Affiliate wants beginners to experience success because a new skill can be learned with easy to understand training. The training is outstanding. It is easy to understand and provides examples with an opportunity to try it with your own FREE website. That’s right. No money is required for completing the first fifty lessons which are enough for you to understand the process and own a website built to earn money. Actually the technical stuff is done for you. You are only responsible to come up with a name for your website and write content for it. This is too good to be true, right.

Anna And Carla Learn How Wealthy Affiliate Is For Beginners

Anna Is A Beginner at WA She Is Succeeding.

Well here is what Anna who was a beginner three weeks ago  said today, “I am here for almost 3 weeks now and I know I’m still a newbie here, but I’ve already learned a lot and I can’t wait to see what’s next!I’m about to start the Third Level of the Training and I am so exited! I have had enough time to see that WA is a solid and a reliable community and I want to thank you all for this! I always received help when I needed it and I am so happy to see how my humble business is slowly but surely growing. I also became more motivated and more confident, because of you! Thank you Kyle and Carson! You created a huge opportunity for people! I wish you all good luck and success!”

This truly expresses how so many who sign up for the FREE training feel. Kyle and Carson were once broke college students trying to keep up with their bills. They had a BIG dream and desire to help other people like themselves who are looking for a way to earn money. Thirteen years later their dreams are becoming a HUGE reality. Over one million people (1,400,000 to be exact) from over one hundred ninety three countries (193) have taken the FREE training and are achieving success.

It is wonderful to see so many people excited to learn something new. They decided to take action and make things happen for themselves.

Every month there are over 10,000 new businesses created as a result of the Wealthy Affiliate Beginner Training. This is a mind boggling statistic, but reading beginner testimonies explains why beginners are doing it.

Carla A Beginner at WA Has Built 2 Websites Successfully

Here is what Carla has to say, “I am so excited that my second, brand new website and its content has been indexed all on the same day! I can’t wait to fill it with more content. This is the fun part for me, I enjoy writing about what I love and I can see the value in it for helping others. Short and sweet today, just wanted to share. Even more exciting is the fact that WA is a Real Training Program for real people. There is no money required to sign up. This is a shocker for so many programs are misleading. This one is different. It is for real.

Wealthy Affiliate Beginners Sign Up For Free

Regardless of experience level, initial sign up is FREE. In fact you can be a FREE member for life with two FREE websites capable of earning money.  However, what happens for most free members is that they see the potential and want more. They sign up to be Premium members so they can take full advantage of the entire training program, tools and support. They know they can earn more than what a year’s membership costs. (Watch for Black Friday specials when the annual fee is $299. If you become a Premium membership before that time then your annual membership goes to $299 annually for the remaining time you wish to be a premium member, even for a lifetime.)

Wealthy Affiliate Is For Beginners And Beyond

Marley Signed Up Free At WA And Became A Premium In Less Than Seven Days

Marley was one of those beginners who signed up FREE, but became a Premium member in less than seven days because she saw tremendous potential and value. She demonstrates how Wealthy Affiliate Is For Beginners. Here is what Marley says, “Finding WA has been a life saver for me to actually find a place that you can sign up for FREE with no credit card required. Are you kidding me was what I was thinking that day. But curiosity had me just like a cat and I clicked the button after entering my name and email address (not my real name my user name). Imagine the surprise when instead of a video opening promising me I can make a couple of thousand dollars while I was sleeping that night the WA Dashboard opened. I sat there for a few minutes just staring at the screen in disbelief thinking no way is this real! But I finally gained my composure and started to click on the different links. Most people would say I am an introverted person because I spend so much time alone and they are probably right but I went straight for the training after reading a few blog posts. Kyle’s welcome video really got me excited about the fact that I had actually found a place to learn something I have wanted to do for years. Some members here know I suffer from insomnia and it was no problem for me to go to work on the training for a straight 30 some hours before taking a break. After putting in this many hours and realizing this was real I knew that I had to upgrade to the Premium Membership and I did it without hesitation. I could not pass up such a golden opportunity.”

Wealthy Affiliate Beginners Find Community Help

Learning something new is threatening and many times overwhelming. Beginners succeed because the WA community encourages and helps beginners. Members know what it feels like to be a newbie. They know how important encouragement is and how helpful it is to have someone answer questions to help with continued progress. The WA membership community is over 1.4 million. Live chat and the forum provide the easiest way for beginners to get support. Best of all support is available 24 x 7 x 365.

Wealthy Affiliate Support Is Also For Beginners

RsCahill Praises WA Support For Beginners

Rscahill learned very soon as a beginner that those who ask questions and ask for help succeed more quickly. Here is what he says “Use the community to help you up the ladder, make some friends along the way, and accomplish your goals.”


Wealthy Affiliate is for beginners. Everyone makes comments over and over again how easy it is for beginners to understand the FREE training and put it into practice. They also comment on how helpful the community support is. WA support provides encouragement and answers to questions.

There is no reason why beginners should hesitate to sign up for FREE. In fact the benefits are tremendous. The benefits offer the opportunity to learn how to earn money online and achieve dreams as well as make many new online friends.

Wealthy Affiliate Is FREE For Beginners

Why Wait? Sign up is FREE. No credit card is required. There is absolutely no charge for the Starter Membership. Be a FREE member as long as you wish with an opportunity to learn how to monetize two FREE websites.

Wealthy Affiliate Sign Up Free. No Credit Card. No Money Needed. Be A Free Member As Long As You Want.

We look forward to meeting you online at Wealthy Affiliate.

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