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What Is Affiliate Marketing Resources Online?

Affiliate Marketing Resources Help To Choose Promote Earn. Use Affiliate Marketing Resources OnlineAffiliate Marketing Resources Online is an Affiliate Marketers Platform using a highly developed Training Program of over 3,000 guides and 300 videos; a highly resourceful Tool Kit of over 1,000 free website design themes, editor for blogging and content creation, research keyword tool to find profitable, SEO friendly, low competitive niches; and an amazing Support Platform comprised of over 300,000 skilled marketers who provide helpful tips, solutions and advice as well as a technical team who provide website redundancy, technical solutions to issues and ensures website up time at 99.9 %. (Our websites have never been down in the past nine years!)

Who Are Affiliate Marketing Resources Online For?

✔ If you are new to the internet world of blogging and earning money online, we are for you.

✔ If you are looking for an opportunity to learn how to earn money online by marketing products from other companies or individuals, you are in the RIGHT place. We will help you get started with training, tools and support.

✔ If you are an experienced Affiliate Marketer looking for ONE PLACE to find the following you too are in the RIGHT place:

What Affiliate Marketing Resources Online Offers

✔ General and Specialized Training: Written and Video

✔ Effective tools to find available domain names for purchase and find highly searched products (niches) with earning potential and find a way to spy on your competition

✔ Free themes and tools for website design

✔ Blogging platform with 99.9 % up time

✔ Technical support for website hosting 24 x 7 x 365

✔ Networking community to provide advice, helpful tips and solutions.

Because we have been successful Affiliate Marketers for several years we have learned many things. We share those on this website.

Because we attribute our ability to achieve success to a larger community and network of people that provide training, tools and a support platform, we share the opportunity with you to join us as a FREE member and learn for yourself what we are talking about.

Why Affiliate Marketing Resources Online Exists

Nine years ago we found ourselves in an unexpected situation. My husband’s company job was eliminated. We still needed his income to pay bills. That is when we began our search on the internet for work at home opportunities. Fortunately we found an opportunity to work from home, the opportunity we are sharing with you.

A Legitimate Online Work From Home Business

We thoroughly enjoy our work from home business as affiliate marketers: no more boss; no more travel commutes; no more performance reviews from management; no more limits as to where and when we can work. Our found freedom is wonderful.

Of course it takes a lot of discipline to work for ourselves from home; but the great thing is we are rewarded for the effort we expend. We have the freedom to market those products that correspond with our interests, experience and knowledge.

We have a wealth of resources to draw upon and a great circle of friends with whom we can share – all because the internet is so accessible. Truly a work from home business has brought dream fulfillment.

As we look back on our search for an online marketing opportunity, we are so grateful we never got scammed into thinking some of these Get Rich Quick Schemes are legitimate. Some of our acquaintances have told us of their experiences. They have spent between $2000 up to $5000 and have quit because the program did not work. They did not have enough resources to learn how to choose a profitable niche, create a website and market highly sought after products.

Compared to our friends who tried some of these online business scams, we were very fortunate. We paid NO money to start. We became familiar with affiliate marketing and the community we joined before spending any money.

The available training (both written and video), the research tools which indicate which niches are low in competition yet highly purchased online, and the 24 x 7 available support gave us confidence we have found a real work from home business opportunity.

What Is It Like To Be An Affiliate Marketer?


✔ Our mind is very active. Our life experiences, surroundings and friends trigger niche ideas. We discover very helpful innovative products not only for our use, but as an opportunity to share online through a website.

✔ We set goals. Google and companies with affiliate marketing programs provide statistics regarding the effectiveness of our websites and blogs. We discover which keyword searches are used to discover our blogs and what countries our visitors come from. We learn how long visitors remain on each page and if they search other pages on our website. These statistics aid us in improving our effectiveness.

✔ We use our individuality to design our websites. Designing is easy because of the tools at our disposal. Sometimes we find something more user friendly so make changes because we know navigation is very important to seeing repeat visitors.

✔ We write blogs. The training we receive helps us to understand the structure of a good blog. Knowing how to write a captivating effective blog is rewarding. Once we did it, we repeat the same strategy over and over.

✔ Sometime we get stuck. But we have learned to ask for help from the 1.4 million member community of which we are a part. More than one individual has encountered our situation and gives us advice.

✔ We track our monetary goals. The affiliate companies whose products we market, inform us daily of the volume of products purchased and our resulting commission.

✔ Friday night is our live video night. Once in a while we miss it because of other commitments, but we can replay it later. A successful internet marketer entrepreneur picks a relevant affiliate marketing topic and addresses it through a live video.

✔ We buy supplies to support our internet business. Since we own a business, we can claim those supplies as a business expense.

We are forever grateful we started a home business as affiliate marketers.

Is  Affiliate Marketing Online Something For You?

Only you know your goals and your situation. Do you like to set goals? Are you an achiever? Do you like to learn new things that you can use for a lifetime? (The internet will always be here and shopping online will only increase.)

Are you willing to learn a proven “How To Be A Successful Affiliate Marketer” plan and repeatedly follow it?

The training, tools and support for success are ready for your use.

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